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Appraiser Websites for Appraisers & Valuation Professionals

Ready for a better solution for your online presence?

A Modern, Secure, Fully-Responsive, SEO Optimized Website That

Ranks Highly For Organic Google Keyword Searches And

Delivers A Flawless, Engaging Mobile User Experience

We offer an up-to-date alternative to the standard appraiser websites that currently dominate the industry. Our product & process will change the way that your appraisal business is perceived by both potential clients and by Google.

Component One – A Modern, Secure, Fully-Responsive, SEO Optimized Website

▶ Our appraiser websites are built on the WordPress content management system utilizing our customized DIVI WordPress framework.

▶ They are fully responsive to display flawlessly on any screen size, orientation or resolution. (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones)

▶ Customized with your company colors, logo, and badges as well as custom imagery & icons to define a unique look for your brand. Appraiser websites offered by our competitors don’t offer this level of customization & branding.

▶ All pages fully encrypted with SSL. This means your site URL will now use https:// and not http:// as it did before. This is an important security measure and is crucial in protecting client data which is normally submitted via forms on your site. Google has also publicly announced that the https:// protocol (or absence of it’s use) is a ranking factor in Google search results.

▶ Highly optimized for search engine domination by employing proper URL, header & meta tag structure, as well as advanced image & content optimization.

▶ Customized contact / order forms tailored to your individual needs using Gravity Forms.

▶ Built-in blog page so you can easily keep fresh content flowing onto your website. This is the primary method used to add new content to your site. Also supports mobile blogging via your iPhone or Android device by utilizing the WordPress mobile app.

▶ Front & center business contact information allows your prospective client to EFFORTLESSLY contact you IMMEDIATELY via telephone or e-mail. These “front & center” contact links appear at the top of every page and are especially effective on mobile phones. They are both clickable elements that launch either the users dialer or e-mail app when touched on any mobile device. In fact, anyplace that your business phone number or e-mail address appears on the website it will be a clickable element. These types of details greatly enhance the site visitor’s experience.

▶ Strong use of UI elements such as color contrast, bold headlines, icons and interactive buttons that provide a clear call to action to guide your site visitor. You see none of this on the appraiser websites offered by our competition.

▶ Animated customer reviews section with star rating. Reviews are often a deciding factor when choosing who to do business with.

▶ A properly formatted page footer containing your business location and contact information, list of your services and the geographic locations (counties & states) where you work. It also contains logos of associations you are a part of, or certifications you may possess. This is excellent for adding credibility to your brand. The copyright date is updated dynamically and never needs to be edited manually, a small but important detail.

▶ Social media integration in both the header and footer of the site linking to your social pages, as well as social sharing icons within blog posts for effortless sharing of your posts to the social media channels of your choice by either you or your site visitors.

▶ Google analytics account setup and installation of site tracking code & verification so you can monitor your site’s traffic statistics starting from day one. Jetpack installation and configuration to provide a secondary site traffic tracking solution. Stats from both sources are instantly viewable in the WordPress dashboard.

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appraiser websites
websites built for appraisers & real estate valuation professionals
appraiser websites built with WordPress

Component Two – Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

▶ SEO or search engine optimization is the largest piece of the “marketing” aspect of your business online. Without proper onpage and offpage SEO in place, your appraisal website is lost in a sea of search results with hundreds of other appraiser websites just like it. Our proprietary SEO process puts your appraisal business at the front of the pack for keyword searches related to your business, bringing in new private clients organically. HomeAdvisor spends millions on SEO every year so that their website can outrank your website, forcing you to join one of their plans and pay them for leads. These are leads that you could have got for free if your website just ranked well for the right local search terms. Our experience in the appraisal industry gives us an advantage other providers of appraiser websites don’t have.

▶ Creation and / or optimization of your company’s Google My Business page. We refer to this as your GMB. Millions of businesses leave these extremely valuable listings unclaimed and un-optimized. These listings appear at the top of searches that are local in nature. Many people searching for your business find it via these listings, without ever visiting your website. Our process maximizes the effect on Google that your GMB listing has, getting your business found for related local searches everytime. Local GMB results also outrank HomeAdvisor in searches due to their placement at the top of most search result pages.

▶ Social media account creation. There are likely hundreds of social media platforms that you have not yet signed up for. Even if you did, are they all linked together properly for maximum impact in the search engines? We know exactly how to build out your “social fortress” and use these social media resources to maximize your brand.

▶ Citation creation. Properly constructed and linked citations can play a huge role in not only your site ranking for keywords, but in the trust a potential clients has with contacting you to do their appraisal.

▶ A custom YouTube channel for your brand. Creating a YouTube channel for your business is considered one of the foundation blocks of proper SEO. Are you aware that YouTube is much more than just a video site? It’s actually the 2nd largest search engine in the world next to Google.com itself. It’s also owned and run by Google, so it’s content is favored by Google in search results. It’s staggering 1 billion person user base performs over 3 billion searches per month, which equals over 100 million searches EVERY DAY! What does that mean? It means that out of every 2 internet users currently online at this very moment worldwide, one of them is watching a video on YouTube. Can you imagine that this resource allows you to create an account and upload content directly into it’s massive content database free of charge?!? If you are not currently doing YouTube marketing, you are missing out on one of the best brand building resources known to man. Our process of creating and optimizing your YouTube business channel will allow you to focus on content creation, not technical aspects.

▶ YOU WILL NOT FIND A MORE COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO SEO AND BRANDING! Nobody is offering this type of a marketing package anywhere in the appraisal industry! Our appraiser websites are the best you can get.

Pricing Breakdown

Our product comes in 3 parts. Part one is the website + SEO booster pack. Part two is website maintenance. Part three is search engine optimization. Below you can see a breakdown of the pricing of each component as well as what is included:

Website + SEO Booster Pack

The foundation of your online presence

✅ WordPress website built on our custom Divi framework, styled & customized to fit with your branding

✅ SSL Certificate installed and tested on all pages

✅ reCaptcha to protect submission forms from bots

✅ Google analytics & JetPack stats backend setup & config

✅ Customized order & contact forms

✅ Basic Onpage SEO optimization

✅ YouTube channel creation / optimization

✅ Google My Business listing creation / optimization

✅ Social / Citations pack


One Time Payment

Website Maintenance

Tasks Performed Once Per Month

✅ WordPress Updates

✅ Plugin Updates

✅ Theme Updates

✅ Database Clean & Optimize

✅ Onsite & Offsite Backup

✅ Site Quality Assurance Check

✅ Our site maintenance process is the most complete solution available for keeping your website updated and in perfect working order at all times. We offer only yearly billing on site maintenance, which allows us to offer it at an extremely affordable $30.00 per month actual cost.


Yearly Cost

Search Engine Optimization

Propel Your Site To The Top Of Google Rankings

✅ Text, image & video optimization, proper title, description, meta tag and URL structure creation & implementation

✅ Keyword Analysis & Targeting

✅ Optimized & targeted content creation

✅ Ongoing Google My Business listing optimization

✅ You Tube marketing

✅ Ongoing citation & reviews creation

✅ Link building via our proprietary process to explode your rankings

✅ Local market emphasis to bring in private work


Monthly Cost – Payable Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually

You will need all 3 components if you want the full effect of our marketing methods. The website maintenance part is so important that it is not optional. It MUST be performed regularly and properly from day one to ensure that your site is fully functional at all times. By making maintenance mandatory, we make sure that your site will be properly maintained and backed up for at least the first year of it’s life. We do our maintenance process manually, which is why it is far superior to the competition. You can choose to have someone else do maintenance after that first year expires if you like, or you can renew with us. For those who do not want to buy or cannot afford our SEO option, we offer one option to purchase the website build and maintenance only.

Please realize that the ongoing SEO work we do is THE MOST critical component of our system!

While you will enjoy the benefits of a vastly improved web presence and an improved visitor experience by only building a new website with us, you will not get anywhere near the same results in regard to your ranking for keyword searches in Google. A properly built website that can be easily read & indexed by Google provides a natural “boost” in SEO for your brand. Unfortunately it ends there.

Without continual, properly applied SEO efforts, your site may or may not rank for important keyword searches!

Missing out on ranking “organically” for these keyword searches means losing out on the potential of acquiring more private appraisal work, which is normally the most profitable for an appraiser. This is why we highly recommend that you sign up for an option that includes our SEO service! It’s time for you to get every bit of the potential possible out of your marketing dollars. Let us handle your online marketing, so you can focus on what you do best.

You can buy into our services at the following price points:

Option 1

✅ Website + SEO Booster

✅ 1 year maintenance

✅ 3 months SEO


Option 2

✅ Website + SEO Booster

✅ 1 year maintenance

✅ 6 months SEO


Option 3

✅ Website + SEO Booster

✅ 1 year maintenance

✅ 1 year SEO


Option 4

✅ Website + SEO Booster

✅ 1 year maintenance



Choose Your Option And Click The PayPal “Click Here To Buy” Button To Get Started Today!

Normal sitebuild time frame is approximately 7 to 10 days. Even though you are buying a package all at once, your website maintenance and SEO time period will actually begin the date your new site goes live online, not on the day you place your order. Any days we spend on your site build will not count against your maintenance and SEO time. We want to make sure you get every single day of the advantage our system offers.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal and be automatically re-directed to our new client onboarding form. Please fill out this form as completely as possible and submit it to us as soon as you can. You are not required to fill it out immediately, but we do need it submitted ASAP so we can get started on your new site build. You can always bookmark the page and come back later and complete the form. As soon as we receive your completed onboarding form, you will receive an e-mail from us with some additional details and a site launch timeline. If at any point you have questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@appraiserweb.solutions or use the contact form below to submit your question.

Additional Requirements

  • A registered domain for your website. Most people already have this. If you currently have a domain in use you will need to locate the login information for that registrar, as we will need access to it to make the necessary DNS changes to point the domain to it’s new hosting location. If you do not currently have a domain in use or would like to start with a brand new domain, you can either register one yourself and provide us with the login details, or we can easily set one up for you. Your only cost is the price of the domain. Most .com’s go for around $10 – $15 per year registration cost. If you currently do not have a domain name registrar, we highly suggest that you setup an account at nameheap.com and register your domain there. They offer the best in pricing and include free domain privacy protection for life. Many companies sell this feature at an extra $10 – $20 per year.
  • A webhosting account with cPanel access that supports the use of WordPress and allows the installation of SSL certificates. Most professional hosting companies offer this. With that said, there are huge differences in the quality of web hosting. We highly recommend that you sign up for a web hosting account with SiteGround. In our opinion, they are the best affordable web hosting solution currently available. They offer a steep discount for new account signups, and you can buy up to 3 years of hosting in advance at that discount rate. You can see their plans and signup by CLICKING THIS LINK. Current alamode users will need to setup a new hosting account.

By setting up your own domain registration and hosting accounts, YOU completely control your domain and website. You are not at the mercy of a subscription like our competition offers. Once your website is built it is yours and belongs 100% to you. Even if you did not have ongoing maintenance and / or SEO in place with us, your website will remain online indefinitely as long as you keep your domain registration and hosting accounts paid up to date. This is the only way that you can be assured that YOU have total control of your brand’s web presence. There are dozens of appraisal companies that have allowed their appraiser websites subscription with our competition to expire, resulting in a  blank webpage that displays an ACCOUNT SUSPENDED message at the top of the page. Don’t ever let this happen to your business. With our system, full control means just that.

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