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How long does it take to build my new website?

Our turnaround time from when your order is placed and when your site is ready for first review is between 7 and 10 days.

I already have my own hosting account, can I use it?

Yes. Although we prefer to work with SiteGround hosted websites, we can accommodate your current hosting setup as long as it supports WordPress.

Is GoDaddy hosting sufficent for one of your websites?

If you are currently using their low-end shared hosting plan probably not. We have had issues with GoDaddy shared hosting in the past and don’t recommend that you use them. There are much better alternatives to host your website like SiteGround.

Who do you recommend for domain registration?

There are lots of places you can register a domain, but we recommend NameCheap.com. They offer free domain privacy protection on all domains, an excellent user portal to manage your domains, and great customer support. We suggest customers who do not yet have a domain to begin their search for one at NameCheap.com. You can also transfer your domains away from your current registrar to NameCheap if you wish.

When does the SEO process on my website begin?

The SEO process actually begins immediately, as there are many factors related to SEO that are incorporated into a website as it is being built. Our “booster pack” construction begins the day that your new site goes live online. This is also the day we begin calculating the length of your SEO period. (Quarterly, Bi-Yearly or Yearly). We do not count the site build days against you as a part of that time.

I have an alamode website. Anything I need to know?

Yes. You will definitely need to setup your own hosting account. We of course recommend SiteGround for hosting. You will also need to setup an account with a domain registrar like NameCheap. You can either register a new domain there, or you can transfer the domain you currently are using with alamode into your domain account. Even if you decide to begin your new website with a new domain, we suggest that you request a transfer of your old alamode domain. Here is a link to an alamode knowledge base article explaining how to take control of your alamode registered domain:


Once you have gained control of it, you can add it to your domain registrar account and 301 re-direct all it’s traffic to your new domain. This also preserves any “link juice” that your old site had due to it’s backlinks and sends all that authority directly to your new domain.